With a rich legacy spanning over two decades in the real estate industry, BPTP Properties has firmly positioned itself as one of the leading developers in India. Our unwavering commitment lies in establishing our brand as the epitome of trust, reliability and preference. Our vision goes beyond success; we aspire to be the foremost choice for individuals and organizations seeking real estate solutions. We understand that earning the confidence of our customers is the cornerstone of our success, and we strive to exceed their expectations at every step.

Join us on this remarkable journey as we shape the real estate landscape, one exceptional project at a time.

Why BPTP Properties

Since its inception, BPTP Properties has developed a reputation of great trust in the real estate sector of the country. As one of the prominent real estate brands of North India, the BPTP Properties Group is well-known for its diversified property portfolio including residential and commercial developments. BPTP Properties constantly strives to increase and expand its presence and welcomes investors to invest with us.

  • High and Assured Returns to all our Stakeholders
  • Reliable and Trustworthy Developer with a great track record
  • Lower Investment Cost
  • Best Deal Guaranteed
  • Customer Satisfaction

Vision & Values


    We are a dynamic & flexible organization that is always on the ball and ready for a challenge.


    Our company celebrates the spirit of inter-dependence and cohesiveness.


    We treat every day as an opportunity to learn; as individuals and as an organization.


    We treat every day as an opportunity to learn; as individuals and as an organization.


    We believe in the power of the collective; where individual action makes an impact on the larger community.


BPTP Properties has a well-defined, strategically focused portfolio. We ensure high visibility of cash flow from our on-going projects. Our track record when it comes to optimizing cash flow is also successful. A number of our current projects are low-rise structures – largely 2 to 5 floor buildings. The construction and delivery of these developments is done in a relatively shorter timeframe. This accelerated conversion enhances the visibility of cash flow. In addition to our completed projects, we have as many as 24 residential projects on the anvil. With 27.47 million square feet of saleable area located in the key NCR cities of Faridabad, Gurugram (and NOIDA) we have enough and more prospects in the near future. Our robust cash flow from current projects aids us in repaying loans and staying insulated in times of economic difficulty.

Access to large land reserves of superior quality is an essential requirement for every real estate developer. The ownership of such land reserves is a key differentiator in the sector. One of our biggest advantages over our competitors is the location of our land reserves. As an established company in the NCR, we are well positioned for accelerated growth and development in the region. All our projects – complete, in progress and planned – are in close proximity to existing, or planned, social and physical infrastructure proposed by various State Governments..
Faridabad: BPTP Properties Parklands brought Faridabad to the forefront of the NCR by awarding it the status of a premier city. An integrated township, Parklands gave Faridabad features like power back-up and sophisticated perimeter security, concepts that were unheard of in the city up until then. Today, the majority of our projects are in Faridabad which is why the city has become synonymous with BPTP Properties. Faridabad enjoys superior connectivity and is at the centre of the NCR map. With new initiatives being undertaken by the state government to further integrate it with the capital, Faridabad is only set to grown further in the coming years and BPTP Properties is ready to be the city's partner in sustained development. - Gurugram: Millennium city Gurugram has presented BPTP Properties with numerous opportunities for development in both the commercial and residential sphere. BPTP Properties Crest, our state of the art office complex, is an IT Park located on the National Highway 8, and houses our headquarters. Crest is a prominent feature of Gurugram's cityscape and its location gives it excellent connectivity to Delhi. Freedom Park Life, our signature residential project in the city, is one of Gurugram's most well connected, premium apartment communities and is home to many families. Park Prime, our under-development project, and all our other forthcoming projects in the city are in well-connected localities and in close proximity to existing infrastructure like schools, hospitals and retail centres. Amstoria, an exclusive township, is our signature residential project located in Sector 102, Gurugram. Amstoria will introduce a whole new level to the concept of high end living to the city and will be Gurugram's most premium address. Located in close proximity to the proposed diplomatic enclave in Dwarka, Amstoria will be the next Chanakyapuri. The township is located on the upcoming Northern Peripheral Road, which is slated to be the country's widest expressway, giving it excellent connectivity. Terminal 3 of the IGI Airport will be minutes away via the NPR and will award Amstoria unparalleled access to the NCR. Based on the contemporary, global concept of cluster living, Amstoria's residents will have unmatched access to wide, green spaces. The township offers residents affordable luxury where exclusivity is guaranteed in a pristine environment. - NOIDA: Our first imprint in NOIDA will be with Capital City, a futuristic business district catering to the needs of the global Indian professional. Designed by the celebrated Architectural firms Robert A.M. Stern & Associates and RSP, Capital City is a self-sustained, fully integrated urban centre. From state-of-the-art office spaces and luxurious residences to fully-equipped retail hubs and a magnificent five star hotel, Capital City promises to be an environment for seamless functioning. Space has been dedicated to a luxury five star hotel that will be the largest in the NCR. Onoffer at the hotel are superior quality rooms, serviced apartments, convention facilities and a plethora of cuisines at a variety of fine dining restaurants. Capital City promises to bring work and leisure together like never before. Accessible via the DND Flyway, NH 24, Greater Noida Expressway as well as two metro lines, there is no excuse good enough to keep the smart professional away from Capital City.
In the current market scenario, it is essential for every company to be dynamic and adaptable. One of BPTP Properties's key strengths is our efficient use of capital and the ease with which we respond to changing regulatory and economic environments. This ability, along with the experience of our management team and their knowledge of the NCR real estate market, helps us to continue achieving business growth despite difficult economic environments. In order to equip ourselves to deal with market trends we converted one of our high rise residential projects into low rise group housing. In October 2008, due to the global economic downturn and demand-supply dynamics of the local market, we deferred our SEZ development projects. This was done in order to reduce capital expenditure and the debt we would have otherwise taken on for the development of these projects. In January 2009, the Haryana Government permitted registration of independent floors built on residential plots. This amendment allowed us to realign our residential projects from plotted housing to independent floors. The resulting optimization of the built-up area of these units permitted us to offer a unique three bedroom product to our clients at reduced unit prices. In September the same year, we launched Park 81 in Faridabad – a new independent floors project that we had previously planned to develop as plotted housing. In March 2008, the UP Government conducted an auction for the acquisition of 94.1 acres of commercial plots in Sector 94. This area, located on the NOIDA-Greater NOIDA expressway, was available at an aggregate consideration of INR 49.6 billion. Subsequently, the NOIDA Authority restructured the scheme permitting developers, who had acquired land from the Authority, the option to agree to a modified payment plan. They also allowed the developers the option to forfeit a part of the paid amount as a penalty, in exchange for a smaller portion of the plot. We chose to purchase a smaller plot spread across 21.7 acres, in consideration for the INR 12.7 billion that we had already paid.

We pride ourselves on our ability to identify, acquire and consolidate land parcels for our projects. It is a well-documented fact that BPTP Properties was the first developer to correctly analyse the potential in developing real estate in Faridabad. We ventured into the Faridabad market well before our competitors and therefore acquire large land parcels for the development of our projects. This foresight of our project research team put us ahead of the game and awarded us with a great deal of flexibility while executing our plans. The acquisition of large parcels of contiguous land allows for the development of large scale projects like townships in multiple stages. This awards the developer the flexibility to modify later phases of the project and customize them to our customers' needs. Our focus will continue to be on real estate development while constantly augmenting partnerships with experts in architecture and construction. Access to the expertise of reputed firms and professionals supplements our knowledge base and adds value to our projects. We already outsource our construction activities – which are labour and capital intensive – in order to achieve higher efficiency. In addition to performing direct sales, our marketing team, in conjunction with a network of 575 independent brokers, drive sales for our numerous projects. This has helped us in creating a consolidated customer base. We market our projects through an amalgamation of sales and marketing strategies, tailored to the requirements of each individual development. Our strong relationships with leading banks and financial institutions allow us to offer prospective clients the best possible credit facilities.

Mr. Kabul Chawla, Chairman & Managing Director of BPTP Properties Ltd., is the founder of our company. A first generation entrepreneur, Mr. Chawla has over 16 years of experience in the sector. BPTP Properties is his brainchild and a culmination of his desire to create a real estate company, which adheres to international standards and is committed to fulfilling the aspirations of India's prospective home owners. His vision and leadership has steered the company's direction and charted its growth. Mr. Chawla successfully identified Faridabad as an area of potential growth ahead of the market, and conceptualized BPTP Properties Parklands, our integrated township in the city. Parklands brought with it unheralded concepts to the city such as peripheral security, power back-up and the gated community model. Other members of our senior management have extensive experience in various aspects of the real estate industry. Their professional careers have given them Other members of our senior management team have extensive experience in various aspects of the real estate development industry and/or their respective functions. We believe that the experience of our management team and its understanding of the real estate market in India have enabled us to grow and scale up our operations even though we only started operations in 2003.


The exponential growth of the Indian economy, increase in corporate and consumer income, as well as foreign investment, allow for significant growth opportunities for our businesses. There are certain key elements intrinsic to our business strategy; they are as follows:

The real estate business is regional; this means that each asset class requires expertise specific to a particular area. In the time spent in this sector we have found that there is a substantial demand for mid-income residential housing in the NCR. We have been able to successfully capitalize on this demand over the last few years. This continued demand provides our Company with ample opportunity and potential for growth and development. Our time spent in the NCR real estate sector has helped us understand the preferences of our customers allowing us to offer products that meet with their requirements. We believe in designing our projects with a flexible mix of products, phasing, layout and pricing – this allows us to address changing market scenarios with ease. Another key aspect to our business module is our belief that we can leverage our experience and expertise to deliver quality products at affordable prices, while retaining our profit margin. Our residential projects are designed in such a way that costs are carefully managed and quality is not compromised at any point. This ensures that our customers are guaranteed value for money while investing in a quality product. The majority of our on-going, and forthcoming, projects include modern amenities like gyms, open green spaces, clubhouses and swimming pools. These facilities are offered to ensure that the experience of living in a BPTP Properties home is a holistic and contemporary one.

We are continually trying to build cross-marketing partnerships with banks in order to better service our customer base. The provision of a wide array of financing options maximizes affordability of our residential units and simplifies the process of purchase for our clientele.

All our projects have been planned in close proximity to existing physical and social infrastructure in order to ensure ease of access to schools, hospitals, retail centres and other recreational avenues for our customers. Our commercial projects have been planned near existing and/or planned infrastructure like metros, expressways, airports, high growth corridors or Central Business Districts. We intend to focus on the development of more commercial and retail projects on our land parcels in NOIDA and Gurugram. Although our intention is to develop both residential and commercial real estate, the residential segment provides us with a sustainable cash flow allowing us to maintain our pace of expansion during difficult economic times.

We recognize the fact that continuing to build on our land reserves is essential for our growth strategy. However, we intend to acquire additional land across the NCR, in strategic locations, to aid our expansion plans. The NCR real estate market is very attractive on account of its favourable demographics, the presence of major international and domestic companies, in both the manufacturing and services sector, and large infrastructure projects and under-development social projects. Our knowledge of the NCR real estate market, our experience in executing large projects in the region, and our understanding of consumer preferences gives us a unique position of dominance in this sphere.

Our track record when it comes to generating cash flow has enabled us to maintain an optimal degree of balance in our functioning. From the time of our Company's inception, we have adopted a conservative approach toward financial leverage in order to maintain greater financial flexibility.

Satisfaction is a fundamental element in enhancing customer loyalty and business opportunities. Over the last few years we have increased our business activities, scaled up our business processes and operations in a relatively short time-frame so as to ensure that our customer's home buying experience is handled in a personalised manner. We have implemented a Customer Relationship Management system to optimize every facet of the customer's journey with us, from Booking till Delivery.

We have also implemented the usage of SAP business intelligence software to analyse our business and to ensure an improvement in accuracy for our future ventures. In fact, BPTP Properties received an award for Best Engineering, Construction and Operations Sector Implementation – Midsize Enterprises, from SAP India. The award was presented to us for enhanced visibility of inventory, and efficient customer and document management processes for a rapidly changing real estate industry.

We are committed to providing our customers with a superior home buying experience by creating architectural and aesthetic variety within our projects. We ensure that our customers have several options when it comes to models, floor plans and exteriors.

The success of a project depends on its proximity to developed or planned physical and social infrastructure. It has been our endeavour to procure land in locations that are in close proximity to existing infrastructure or proposed development. All our land reserves in Faridabad are located near developed urban communities, equipped with conveniences like shopping malls, recreational clubs, hotels and sports complexes, as well as necessities like schools and hospitals. Our integrated township in Faridabad – BPTP Properties Parklands, is located near sectors 14 and 15, two of the most well developed sectors of the city. By virtue of its location, Parklands has ease of access to malls, schools, colleges, hospitals and commercial complexes. The township is situated within 2 kms of National Highway -2, which is being developed into a six to eight lane, access-controlled expressway, which will connect Faridabad to Delhi on one side, and to Agra on the other side. It is also close tp the proposed FNG expressway which will connect Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad.

In Gurugram, our headquarters – BPTP Properties Crest- is located on the NH-8, an eight-lane expressway which connects Gurugram with the focal points of Delhi and Noida on one side, and is a direct route to Jaipur on the other. All our upcoming residential, commercial and IT park expansions in Gurugram are in close proximity to the proposed 150 metre wide Northern Periphery Road (NPR). Once operational, this expressway will give Gurugram unmatched connectivity to Dwarka, Delhi and the International Airport.

In NOIDA too, our commercial venture – Capital City – is located on the NOIDA-Greater NOIDA expressway and is very close to existing residential developments. It is our constant endeavour to ensure superior infrastructure to our clientele, no matter which of our projects they choose to call home. To this end we facilitate the development of infrastructure close to our projects. One such example is the development of a six-lane bridge over the Agra-Gurugram canal in Faridabad which enabled ease of access to all of BPTP Properties Parklands.